Koiné is a free, personal and commercial use typeface.

In linguistics, a koiné language (Ancient Greek κοινή, “common [language]”) is a standard or common language or dialect that has arisen as a result of the contact of two or more varieties of the same language.

The typeface borrows symbols from existing alphabets and repurposes them by juxtaposing signifiers and stripping them of their typical function. The script riffs on the idea of post-truth (different alphabets are different representations of the world) and develops a lingua franca that serves as metaphor for the conundrum of meaning the internet has given rise to. We find ourselves in a Babel moment and need a new language fit for task, one that communicates not just in words and sounds but highlights the idea of an increasingly complex world.

In designing the character set, great care was taken to find the right visual balance between different scripts. The result is a family of 63 glyphs, each corresponding to a letter on a latin keyboard. This type is not a 1:1 alphabet however, the link only serves to make the set a working OTF. Users are encouraged to use the script randomly to best illustrate the chaos metaphor for which it is intended.

Download here.

Image generated by Open AI’s Dall-E.