Bassiani Podcast Copy

‘Herrensauna stalwart MCMLXXXV joins us for Bassiani Podcast #74. Tribal sounds, foreboding bleeps, robotic vocal samples and a hint of electroclash nostalgia define the hour and provide a hypnotic soundtrack for dancing youth.’

‘Haruka’s patient and exploratory approach to sound sets him apart as one of the finest Tokyo DJs currently on offer. For Bassiani Podcast #75 he deftly mixes droning, reverb-heavy, stamina-fuelled techno for two and a half hours of intelligent play.’

‘If the memory of marathon warehouse nights feels a little distant, Bassiani Podcast #76 might be just what you were looking for. This instalment is a seamless dose of bouncy, transcendent rave brought to you by Spielraum resident and rising Dutch star Ki/Ki.’

‘Initial Berlin label boss Julian Muller charts a steady course through sombre urban panoramas, breaks and 90s hardcore for Bassiani Podcast #77. The vinyl-loving DJ provides a fresh take on blockbuster genres in this hour of frenetic peak-time beats.’

‘Move to the beat of Cashu’s marching drum with Bassiani Podcast #78. Back in São Paulo, her politically flavoured gatherings have been gathering momentum and the influence shows. Riffing on Brazilian rhythms and spooky synths, Carolina Schutzer’s sound is the soundtrack for a new age.’

‘The third in a triptychon of mixes by Resom is a nod to her times at the club. In her own words dedicated to freedom and the wish to ‘travel freely’ in her own space. Bassiani Podcast #79 is a meditative work that begins in chaos and ends in escape.’

‘Unlike so many of his peers, Northern Electronics founder Anthony Linell is no flashy DJ. His MO is subtle: let the techno do the talking. Bassiani Podcast #80 sits somewhere between mysterious assembly line and dystopian anthem. Slick and unrelenting.’

‘Bassiani resident Kvanchi starts the next in our mix series with a Blade Runner sample and a track that sounds like the beating of a replicant heart. An hour long score of dubby rhythms and immersive sounds to feed your sci-fi fantasies.’

‘Far from the dancefloor, Helena Hauff’s soaring techno remains strikingly physical. Industrial/EBM references lend her sets a sport-like flair and her audiences usually follow the cue. #82 is a sweaty, fast-tempo addition to the Bassiani mix roster.’

‘Fast Forward residents and Endurance and Mala Junta creators Ezy and DJ TOOL deliver an 80 minute mix of growling, percussive yet ambient sounds for Bassiani #83. This is a high-speed trip through Danish techno spanning 1997 to present recorded at BunkerBauer Studios in Copenhagen.’

‘Bassiani #84 starts off low on BPM count but quickly resumes pace. For this instalment, Tbilisi’s very own Nebbieri weaves together an astute selection of recognisable and lesser known tracks, resulting in a laid back, warm and brooding hour and twenty mix by the young Georgian talent. Your winter soundtrack has just arrived.’

‘A veritable tour de force on Paris’ vibrant Techno scene, Anetha’s success shows no signs of abating. A surfeit of collaborations and the founding of her own label under the Mama Told Ya moniker serve as proof of her unstoppable rise. Bassiani #85 is a frenzied ode to rave by the prolific young producer.’

‘Founder of Copenhagen’s Vortex events series and Vid Siden Af resident Neri J is here with Bassiani Podcast #86. If music is a mirror to our current climate this mix should be no surprise. DIY and trance leaning, Nerija Janickaite’s perky techno is brimming with the kind of 90s energy we need right now. It’s no panacea for more tangible problems but a measure of optimistic rave might just be the next best thing.’

‘Brought to fame by a 90s radio show he started called ‘Virus’, Freddy K’s 2020 broadcast ’Krzrzrz’ is an aptly named return to his roots. The restless ‘techno activist’ aims to keep the spirit of exchange alive in a time of nightlife hibernation and brings his singular magic to Bassiani #87; a clean, rhythmic and hard-hitting hour of no bullshit Techno.’

‘Homegrown Georgian producer Kancheli returns with a thundering and unabated Podcast #88. The Bassiani resident dexterously fuses metallic beats, acid and melody in this visceral hour of techno fit for the hardiest ravers.’

‘Rotterdam based DJ stranger is here with a dance-ready Bassiani Podcast #89. The loop techno fanatic opens with Link’s cult anthem ‘Amenity’ then pushes forward on an untiring path through jittery tracks in this playful hour and twenty mix. His busy club schedule might be on pause but unsurprising to anyone following this young talent, Stranger still brings energy in spades.’