Bassiani Podcast Copy

Copywriting for Bassiani Podcast Series, 2020.

“Herrensauna stalwart MCMLXXXV joins for Bassiani Podcast #74. Tribal sounds, foreboding bleeps, robotic vocal samples and a hint of electroclash nostalgia define the hour and provide a hypnotic soundtrack for dancing youth.”

“Haruka’s patient and exploratory approach to sound sets him apart as one of the finest Tokyo DJs currently on offer. For Bassiani Podcast #75 he deftly mixes droning, reverb-heavy, stamina-fuelled techno for two and a half hours of intelligent play.”

“If the memory of marathon warehouse nights feels a little distant, Bassiani Podcast #76 might be just what you were looking for. This instalment is a seamless dose of bouncy, transcendent rave brought to you by Spielraum resident and rising Dutch star Ki/Ki.”

“Initial Berlin label boss Julian Muller charts a steady course through sombre urban panoramas, breaks and 90s hardcore for Bassiani Podcast #77. The vinyl-loving DJ provides a fresh take on blockbuster genres in this hour of frenetic peak-time beats.”

“Move to the beat of Cashu’s marching drum with Bassiani Podcast #78. Back in São Paulo, her politically flavoured gatherings have been gathering momentum and the influence shows. Riffing on Brazilian rhythms and spooky synths, Carolina Schutzer’s sound is the soundtrack for a new age.”